About Dr. Ken Matsumura

About Doctor Kenneth Matsumura,
Chairman ALIN Foundation

Doctor Kenneth Matsumura is a world-renowned scientist that has dedicated his entire career to advancements in medicine  His advancements are only matched by his passion for social justice, equality, and charitable works.  He developed the HeartAlarm™ wristwatch that gives early warnings of impending heart attacks, and SEF Chemo®, a new cancer therapy that significantly reduces the side effects of traditional chemotherapy.  He's the inventor of the bio-artificial liver that Time Magazine named Invention of the Year in 2001, and of the bio-artificial pancreas that eliminates the diabetic's daily injections of insulin.  His inventions and developments will probably touch you or someone you know in your lifetime.  His developments are so exciting and so respected by his peers that his cancer therapy sailed through the FDA from laboratory studies to an approval of human trials in a record-breaking four days

Dr. Matsumura began medical research at the age of 13.  He published his first paper, on a new rapid skin-grafting technique in 1961, at the age of 15.  In 1962, he became the youngest person to ever receive a research grant from the American Lung Association.  Renowned biologist Doctor Lola S. Kelly was so impressed by the young researcher's independent studies of transplantation biology that she arrange for him to study under her at the University of California's Donner Laboratory while he was still attending high school.  Between 1962 and 1968, he received many research-training fellowships for studies at the University of California,  Berkeley, where he completed his pre-medical studies.  Dr. Matsumura received his doctorate in medicine at the University of California Medical School of San Francisco in 1970.  He has been licensed to practice medicine and surgery since 1971.  He is a member of the American Medical Association, and has been cited in many biographical reference books, including the Marquis' Who's Who.  His HeartAlarm™ wristwatch is cited in Bryan Bunch's The Timetables of Technology:  A Chronology of the Most Important People and Events in the History of Technology.

Dr. Matsumura is also deeply involved in philanthropic activities.  With the assistance of the noted science educator Robert A. Rice, he established a science journal that published works from America's most promising young researchers for over two decades.  The magazine, Base - A Journal of Science & Technology, later online as Science21, has had on its advisory board such prominent educators as David Saxon, former President of the University of California and Chair of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and leading scientists like Carl Sagan and Nobelist Glenn Seaborg.  A well-known civic figure, Dr. Matsumura was honored during the City of Berkeley's Centennial celebration.  He is an honorary member of the Berkeley Rotary Club and a founding member of the San Francisco City Club.