Established in 1962 by Dr. Kenneth Matsumura, Alin Foundation-
Corporation is the oldest biotech concern in the world. In half
a century of remarkable achievements, Alin Foundation has
developed lifesaving treatments for four diseases - heart
attack, cancer, diabetes, and liver failure - which combined
are responsible for most of the deaths in the world.
Each of these developments represents a stunning
breakthrough in its field.


Bio-Artificial Liver

This device is designed to be used outside the body to maintain patients who are suffering liver failure due to hepatitis, cirrhosis, or cancer. Up to two million lives could be saved by this device annually. The TIME magazine named it an Invention of the Year in 2001.

Bio-Artificial Pancreas

This device will maintain normal blood sugar levels in diabetics, regardless of what they eat or when. For one version of this device, some components were manufactured on the NASA Space Shuttle in outer Space. There are over 10 million insulin-dependent diabetics who can benefit from an implantable bio-artificial pancreas.

Side Effect-Free Chemotherapy - SEF (pronounced "Safe") Chemo®

The tragedy of cancer is that the treatment is worse than the disease.  A new drug eliminates the side effects of chemotherapy, while making chemo drugs more effective.  Hopeless, terminal patients are now being saved regardless of the types of cancer they have.  In a recent series in Toronto, 100% of patients, mostly hopeless stage 4s responded strongly.  Compare that to less than 10% responding to conventional chemotherapy.  Eight million patients die each year, half of them without treatment.  By policy, all patients will have access to this new therapy.  (Also see www.cancer-institute.com)

HeartAlarm Wristwatch

Warns its wearer an hour or more before a heart attack occurs.  Designed to be worn by everyone over the age of 40, this device could prevent more than one million deaths annually worldwide.


A wallet card that summarizes patients' medical histories in a format that delivers to emergency medics in the critical 30 seconds all the lifesaving information needed.  When carried by everyone, this simple card is expected to have more impact on health care than the cure for cancer.

Other Special Projects

Other developments reported here include an ovulation monitoring device for fertility enhancement and birth control, and new approaches to treating viral infections such as ebola, herpes and SARS.

Again, at a time when medical journalists are declaring that the United States government's “War on Cancer” is a failure and that despite the expenditure of billions by thousands of talented scientists, a cure for cancer appears to be as elusive as ever — researchers funded by Alin Foundation have made a breakthrough in cancer treatment.

The extent of the undertaking described here is remarkable and unprecedented.  Never before has a single organization conducted research on so many diseases, to achieve so many recognized breakthroughs.  These developments potentially affect the lives of over one billion people.  The road to these achievements has not been easy.  In navigating in the dark, mostly in uncharted territory, there is the constant risk of taking a wrong turn and losing the work of years.  The uncompromising dedication which has characterized these research efforts is reflected in the plaque which hangs on the wall of the Alin Foundation laboratory.  The plaque reads, “Within these walls, men and women give of their lives that others may live.”

About ALIN - promoting a kind and just world

Alin Foundation, a name coined from Artificial Liver Inc, is the oldest biotech concern in the world. Alin Foundation-Corporation is unique in operating as both a charitable foundation and a for-profit entity. Alin receives no government or charitable assistance.

While Alin is the world's most prolific creator of breakthrough medical treatments, Alin has a profound interest in the general welfare of peoples around the world. Alin funds social justice programs to create a kind and just world from its medical revenues. Alin practices affirmative action to provide economic opportunities to those denied the same in the past. Just as Alin is making a cure for cancer a reality, Alin believes poverty can be eliminated just by providing a catalyst which uses human nature to make a cascade of events happen. That will be a bloodless revolution when both the rich and the poor can be made happy.

To read about Dr. Matsumura, Chairman of Alin Foundation, click here.